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They say many heads are better than one. When you choose Apex, you are choosing a team of experienced massage therapists, not just one.

“After a month in a wheelchair and three months in a back brace, I was determined to find a new career and build a business that supported clients in their health goals and other massage therapists in their career choice.”

— Shelly MacGregor, Owner of Apex Massage

Watch the owner of Apex Shelly MacGregor explain why you deserve an Apex Massage.

“I went back to school to take Massage Therapy when I was 30 years old. When I was pregnant with twins, regular massage was such a blessing! During my divorce, I had weekly massages again and this saved me. The stress was overwhelming and I looked forward to every Monday at Apex to get my treatment.”

— Susan, Apex Massage Therapist

“The first massage I received profoundly connected me to my body, giving me 'visceral' contact with the holistic nature of myself and my existence. I have, through massage therapy, continued to explore the mind body connection and its bearing on our total well-being. I have found some answers, and perhaps more importantly questions, that fuel my enthusiasm for the life that I live along with the work that I do.”

— Amber, Apex Massage Therapist

At Apex we understand your aches and pains because we’ve suffered them. We understand your pressures because we also face them. We understand your treatment needs because we’ve experienced them.

Because we understand, and because we demanded only the best treatment for ourselves, we are passionate about delivering that same level of care and treatment to our clients. This passion impacts the quality of the therapists, the quality of your treatment and the flexibility of our business. Since 1994, our company has grown from two therapists to over a dozen and with that comes shared treatment knowledge and a variety of techniques to address your needs.

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